Fishing in the spring time for smallmouth bass can be dynamite on Lake St. Clair. Soon as April 28 hits, if you love smallmouth bass fishing, you need to get your butt out on Lake St. Clair whether from land or boat. And remember that April 28th only consists of catch and release season, not keeping the smallmouth bass. Some of the best fishing lures to use on smallmouth bass during spring time consists of crankbaits, jigs, and swimbaits. Jigs are the preference of many fishermen because sometimes the bass are moving slow and reacting slow. You have to try all three to see which fishing lure the smallmouth bass react to the best. Also it's important to find out what's the hottest color this spring, I usually use green pumpkin, pumpkin seed, or smoke in Berkley Powerbait and it seems to work really well. But each year it seems like certain colors work better than others.

spring fishing smallmouth bass