record blue catfish lake wylieJeff Manning of Gastonia caught this beautiful blue catfish from Lake Wylie this past January. The story is kinda funny because Manning was on a short midday stroll after doing some repair work to his boat. Feeling like everythings in tip top shape, Manning decided to drop a few lines in. That's when Manning felt the beast hit, after a 10 minute fight and practically letting all the line out on his reel, he decided to pull up his anchor and follow the fish. When the fish finally surfaced, Manning found something bigger than what he expected. After reality set in, Manning realize this was the biggest fish he had ever caught.

After posting the photo of the 82 pound blue catfish, Marty Green of Catawba Catfish Club, knew that this was the biggest fish that's been caught on Lake Wylie. The monster catfish was just 7 pounds shy of the North Carolina record. Now that anglers realize how big blue catfish can get in Lake Wylie, many figure that there could be a new state record lurking in the deep. Dieter Melhorn, president of Carolina Catfish Club, said he "expects a new state record within two years."