monster northern pike picturesCould this Polish Pike be the new world record? The monster pike turned the fishing world upside down after the pike was put on a scale, the fish weighed an incredible 63 pounds 14 ounces. And then measuring 61 inches on top of that, basically blowing away any type of world record muskie as well. Last year Joseph Seeberger caught a monster muskie out of Michigan, that fish became the new world record for muskie, weighing 58 pounds 58 inches long. This monster pike crushes those figures!!! The main consensus among the fishing community is that muskellunge tend to be bigger than northern pike, well after seeing this kraken, this fish may change some fishermen's The huge fish was caught last winter on an undisclosed lake in Poland. I did a little searching on the Internet, I still haven't found the name of the fisherman who caught this monster.

But honestly who cares, props to the angler who landed this beast. It just makes me wonder if this was caught ice fishing or open water, it's possible there could have been open water with snow on the ground. Early winter is some of the best pike and muskie fishing.

world record northern pike

big largemouth bass heddon zara spookThe Heddon Zara Spook is by far one of my most valuable fishing lures in my box! Sure it can be a lot of work, but the payoff can be great on some days. This day I recorded this video with my GoPro POV Camera, the fish weren't biting at all, they were finicky all morning. I tried soft plastic baits and crank baits, but the bass were just weren't biting. Then I thought, you know what lets try topwater, so I tied on one of my most favorite topwater lures, the Heddon Zara Spook Puppy version.

I tend to use the smaller version for bass fishing, because some of the larger Zara Spooks tend to not pick up as many bites. Not sure if the larger size spooks the fish or what, I just go with what works. And boy did this topwater bait work today! The smallmouth bass were going ape shit over it!!! Honestly, some of the video footage doesn't do the fish attacks justice.

smallmouth bass lake st clairThe one smallmouth bass slammed the Zara Spook right near the break wall at the Grosse Pointe Farms Pier. This was just insanely exciting for me, my adrenaline was pumping, I wasn't ready for the smallie to hit the Spook soon as I casted it. I just want to say, with the Heddon Zara Spook , sometimes letting it sit in the water right after casting it can really entice big bass. This smallmouth bass in the video basically destroyed it!

All over Lake St. Clair near drop off points, between shallow and deep water, smallmouth bass were going crazy for this lure. At one point, you get to see one smallmouth bass come up from the depths and hit the Zara Spook. With a little technology from Sony Vegas, I was able to zoom in and do some slow-motion on this footage. I had no clue I captured this footage on my GoPro, it was so neat to see this after the video was rendered and uploaded to YouTube.

In the end, you get to see me catch a pretty big largemouth bass near the Grosse Pointe Shores Pier. This is one of the best spots spring time for bass fishing on Lake St. Clair, both jigs and crankbaits. But when summer comes around, weeds grow and make the conditions unusable for those baits. Then making it a perfect location for topwater baits... The largemouth bass just nipped at it, right after lettting the Spook sit for a few seconds, but was just enough time for me to set the hook. This was one of my favorite catches of the day, but overall, I was just thrilled to catch species of bass on a topwater lure that day on Lake St. Clair.

Most bass fishermen will probably say top water lures aren't that effective on Lake St. Clair because it's a rough lake. Please dismiss this, as I have proof that top water baits like the Heddon Zara Spook are very effective to use on big lakes like Lake St. Clair. It's just that the conditions have to be right, look for weather where there's an overcast and calm out. A strong wind can ruin the day for topwater baits. However, if you still itching to try them out, you can give them a try in bays and boat wells. Or even where there's a peninsula providing you with cover from the wind.

It's too bad that a lot of amateur fisherman forget about topwater baits like the Heddon Zara Spook, that's why felt that I had to make this article. The video is just a bonus, anyways a hope you guys like the vid, and try to think more outside the box. You don't always have to go to deep water for big bass! To me, the Heddon Zara Spook puppy is by far the best and most fun topwater bait in my tackle box. Sure there are other topwater baits like buzz baits and jitterbugs, however for me, the Heddon Zara Spook produces.

world record tiger muskieWell according to some fishermen, the world record tiger muskie was caught back in 1919, the monster weighed an 51 pounds. Since then, there have been other possible record muskies caught, some going unrecorded... We all know there are always those fishing stories lurking around the web. Well I have been doing my research lately and I came across this supposed 54 pound tiger muskie caught by Richard Ernst. The fish measured an incredible 69 1/2 inches long. So I'm wondering why didn't this fish go down in the record books? One of those monsters that went unrecorded? I couldn't find any information on this fisherman nor the catch, other than the fact this supposed world record muskie was caught in Libby.

lake michigan big muskellungeGuide Bret Alexander caught this big muskellunge trolling on Lake Michigan! The fish was over 50 inches long, these big muskellunge are almost dime a dozen in the Great Lakes. Muskie keep getting bigger and bigger and we keep posting these monster catches. Man I love muskie fishing in Michigan, one of my favorite states to fish in folks.

world record tiger muskieThis monster tiger muskie will not only go down as Minnesota's state record for tiger muskie, but also a possible World Record too. The huge muskie weighed an incredible 49 pounds, just short of the world record tiger muskie by 2 pounds, which was caught in 1919 in Wisconsin that weighed 51 pounds. This fish basically shattered the Minnesota state record which was only set at 36 pounds. Fisherman Charlie Gallagher caught this tiger muskie while fishing the St Louis River with Northland Muskie Adventures Guide Service. Measurements on this baby was 48.5" long with a 28.5" girth. This has to be the biggest belly I have ever seen on a tiger muskie.

minnesota state record tiger muskie

record muskie dead mille lacsThis huge muskie was found floating on top of Mille Lacs Lake last July, the fish weighed an incredible 50 pounds, 4 pounds short of the current Minnesota state record. The fish was dead for only a short amount of time, however chances are it weighed more than 50 pounds, the fish measured an incredible 58 1/2-inches and had a 25 inch girth. Conservation officer Dan Perron that found the monster Muskie said its teeth were ground all the way down, so chances are it died of old age. After seeing this monster Muskie, Perron believes there are other record muskie in Mille Lacs Lake.

monster muskellunge greenwood lakeThis monster muskie Leonid Shereshevsky caught last Sunday on Greenwood Lake was just shy of the state record by 42 pounds. The fish caused a stir on social media, after Shereshevsk went from place to place to get an an accurate weight measurement on the monster muskie. It was quite exciting, but in the end the fish was not one for the record books. The current state record for New Jersey still stands at 42 pounds, 13 ounces by by Bob Neals. Shereshevsky was only a few ounces short, such a bummer! Leonid Shereshevsky monster Muskie weighed for a total of 40.76 pounds. He actually caught the fish on 6 pound test line, believe it or not, he was vertical jigging for walleyes.

huge pike ice fishingTim Kreun caught this huge northern pike while ice fishing at Schaefer’s Slough near Lake Thompson last Friday. He was using a pair of jig-heads and minnows while ice fishing right after Thanksgiving. He was hoping to catch a crappie are two, but instead landed this incredible 23 pound, 41 inch northern pike! Reeling it in wasn't easy, however trying to fit the big pike through the 8 inch whole was the toughest part! Tim Kreun wasn't even out on the ice long before he hooked into this monster, he did manage to catch a few crappies, but when he saw the bobber dunk down fast, he knew it was a big one!

baby small sturgeonWow, this baby white sturgeon is so cute! I never knew Sturgeon were so pretty when they were young, the colors and detail of the fish are very strong. Did you know sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America? White sturgeon is the third largest species of sturgeon. The only time I saw a Sturgeon in person, was when one washed up to shore on Lake St. Clair, was very sad, but I admired the fish for its enormous size! I still think that I hooked into a few, but had my line snapped quite a few times.

world record white sturgeon

Wow, absolutely wow! Check out this incredible photo of a world record White Sturgeon caught on the Fraser River in Canada in 2005. The fish weighed an incredible 1,500 pounds and measured 179 inches long. The fish's girth was around 56 inches!!! The fish took over six hours to reel in, imagine taking this long to reel in a fish... This monster Sturgeon, reminds me of the fish I saw when I was little fishing off a the Grosse Pointe Shores pier on Lake St. Clair. Just like this fish, it was long and hige, it looked to be scanning the bottom for food. Now I know what I had to have seen, it must have been a monster Sturgeon. At first I thought it was a big carp, but now I know, since Sturgeon like the fish I saw, are very long and huge.