record tiger muskie lake merwinWhat would've been a new record for Washington, ended up being thrown back into Lake Merwin after Norm Dillon followed the new rule that was instituted last year. The new rule states that muskies must be at least 50 inches long to keep in the state of Washington. This really blows for Norman Dillon because there's currently a proposal to rewrite state law as to how muskies are certified a record without having to kill them.

Yet there's still controversy over the fish, because on one scale the big tiger muskie weighed 35.5 lbs and on another, 37 pounds. The fish would have beaten the current state record at 31.25 pounds, however what about David Hickman 37-pounds 14-ounce muskie caught this past year (2014) at Curlew Lake. I think even if the DNR counted Dillon's muskie as the new state record, it would've been eventually beat out by Hickman's monster!

One things for sure though, Dillon's tiger definitely has Hickman's on girth!!! Look at the gut on that thing, that's a 25 inch girth! Norm Dillon caught the 48 1/2 inch hybrid on a Beast Teaser Stinger bucktail he had won at a raffle, I guess that lucky lure payed off. Even though this will be never considered the Washington state record for tiger muskie, it's still an incredible fish nonetheless.

record tiger muskieDavid Hickman is the angler responsible for catching this monster tiger muskie last July at Curlew Lake. The fish weighed an incredible 37-pounds, 14-ounces. The big muskie crushed the current state record of 31.25 pounds, which was caught by John Bays in Mayfield Lake on September 22, 2001. The fish not only weighed 37 pounds, but also measured over 50 inches long with a 23.75 inch girth. That's practically unheard of, because tiger muskie usually don't get this big. Hickman must be blown away after seeing his name go down in the record books.

record tiger muskie washingtonhuge tiger muskie

world record largemouth bassOf course there have been bass bigger caught than Patrick Sebile's lunker from Lake Okeechobee, however his bass was one of the first to go down in IGFA records for the longest bass ever caught. IGFA just created this category not too long ago... The monster largemouth bass measured an incredible 61 cm (24.016 inches), beating out the previous record of 59 cm (23.228 inches). What makes his catch even more special, is Sebile caught the record bass on his own Sebile Proppler Buzz bait. Here's the official video of Patrick Sebile landing the world record bass, he's quite an exciting fisherman to watch!

washington record walleyeAs 2014 passes, let's not forget about John Grubenhoff's monster walleye he caught on the Columbia River. The fish was currently pending as the Washington Walleye state record, well Grubenhoff has no need to worry anymore, because the fish just passed a thorough investigation by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. State biologist Paul Hoffarth witnessed the weighing on a certified scale last Friday, and on Saturday Hoffarth measured the big walleye. The fish weighed a whopping 20.32 pounds and measured 35 1/2 inches long and 22 3/4 inches in girth. Beating out the previous record of 19.3 pounds caught by Tri-Cities angler Mike Hepper back in 2007.

John Grubenhoff has quite the story to tell about the fish! The day he went fishing, he rushed home from work to get in some fishing before dark. Grubenhoff knows that winter is prime time for catching trophy walleyes while the hens are still full of eggs. Little did he know though, that a trophy walleye had his name all over it.

record walleye john grubenhoffA cold front had moved in that evening, Grubenhoff thought the fishing would be poor, temperatures being at 37.2 degrees. The first fish came within 10 minutes, a nice size walleye weighing around 14 pounds. Thinking that that would be the catch of the day, John Grubenhoff still released the big walleye back into the water to do some more fishing. Another 10 minutes passed by, then he hooked into a 6 pound male, which was just beautiful. It was until a half hour later, that the record walleye would make him famous!

John Grubenhoff said he was fishing a current break adjacent to a windswept, rocky shoreline in about 22 feet of water. Trolling upstream at about 0.8 mph with a Rapala J-13, a 6-inch-long minnow lure in silver and black, about 6 feet behind a 2-ounce bottom walker. He said the largest walleye he caught up until now was an 18 pounder, this new one was beyond his wildest dreams!

John Grubenhoff must be one great guys to be giving away his trolling speed and fishing lure he caught this monster on, most wont even give away their location! Him and his son have been competing in tournaments for almost 25 years. They 9 tournaments and placed in the money dozens of times, safe to say, they know a thing about walleye fishing! This record was well deserved by the fisherman who caught it!!!

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north carolina record perchWhat could have been a perch state record, ended up being fish tacos for Scott Cox. The fish weighed an incredible 5.3 pounds on an unofficial scale at a cleaning station. The question now is, was the perch a tasty meal? lol! The big perch will never be recorded as an official record, but at least we have a cool photo to help celebrate Scott Cox's catch. So many fishermen catch record fish these days, most I guess most don't appreciate setting records... Or maybe they just never thought their fish would be a record... According to Adam Thomason at the Crowley Fish Camp store, Cox came into the store Monday and asked if a five pound perch would be considered a big perch. Thomason told Cox the world record perch, a 3-pound, 10-ounce fish, caught 1979 at Crowley by Jack Johnson, which was right there on the wall. Crowley Lake must be home to some really good perch fishing, because both these records came out of the lake. I'll have to add that lake to my bucked list to fish one day.

pennsylvania record yellow perchJeffrey Matts is the angler who holds Pennsylvania state record for yellow perch. Check out this absolute monster perch he caught back in 2010, Harveys Lake must have really big perch over there, and good eating too! Jeffrey Matts' record perch ended up weighing 2 pounds 11 ounces, I bet that was one tasty perch, if he ate it? He probably got the fish mounted, however some fishermen are doing replica amounts of the fish these days. What better way to celebrate a record fish, but to eat it!!!

Here are some other record yellow perch from Pennsylvania, some from Lake Erie and the record holding lake Harveys Lake.

pennsylvania record perch gallerypennsylvania record perch photospennsylvania record perch picspennsylvania record perch pictures

largest world record pikeAccording to some fishermen, this is the largest pike captured on camera, the beast weighed an incredible 67 pounds 4 ounces. This huge Pike was caught out from an abandoned stone quarry in Dannstadt Germany all the way back in 1983. Arno Wilhelm was the fisherman who landed it, the pike measured 57 inches long. This could possibly be the unofficial world record pike currently... You can tell this sucker is huge, Arno Wilhelm is struggling to hold it up in front of the camera. By the way, is that snow on the tree next to him? Some of the biggest fish have been caught late fall and early winter.

big northern pike

Don't you just love it when it takes two fishermen to hold up a humongous fish! This big northern pike was caught out of Biggesee, Germany. It officially weighed an incredible 52.47lbs. Uwe Schwirten was the name of the angler that caught this beautiful fish. It's amazing how big the Pike are getting in Europe, I'd like to see some of our American muskie duke it out with some European pike, lol... I think muskie are overall a more aggressive fish, however don't underestimate the size and strength of these big pike over in Germany and other countries in Europe. They just keep getting bigger and bigger!!!

jelle de jong huge pike hollandDutch fisherman Jelle De Jong caught this huge Pike out of Holland last week, it weighed 52lb 9oz and measured 121.5cm long. The big fish was was caught on a large lake, but still unknown which. It was just short of the current world record which sits at 55lb 1oz, according to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). There of course have been other bigger pike caught, like the 63 pound pike in Poland and supposedly another 67 pound pike in Germany. But those were never investigated by the IGFA, so the 55 pounder still stands.

huge zander river severn englandThis huge Zander, aka pike perch, was caught recently by Gary Bagley fishing on the River Severn. The angler has been gunning for the old British Zander record, which comes in at 21lb 5oz, his recent catch comes might close. This Zander in the photo weighed 18lb 4oz, it was caught just after darnkness fell. Bagley stated that he only fishes for one type of species, and that's Zander. Just like how Americans cherrish the walleye here in the states, Gary Bagley loves to fish for Zander as well.

If you look at the two in comparison, they look mighty familiar. According to one source on the internet, they are in the same family, but different species. Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) and Zander ( Stizostedion lucioperca). It's basically like the northern largemouth bass and the Florida strain largemouth bass. Just like the Florida strain, Zander can reach sizes over 40 pounds. While walleye here in the states reach 25 pounds. I find it rather interesting the Brits think it resembles a pike, hence the name pike-perch. To me it looks nothing like a pike, lol... And it's awfully common for anglers in Europe to believe the fish is a pike and perch hybrid, go figure...