What's a better way to take a dump, but to reel your way into cleanliness, lol!!!

huge carpCheck out the size of this carp, so round and plump! What has the fish been feeding on? This is good stuff, lol, love pictures like these, keeps up our fertility! I'm surprised a girl like this would actually hold a butt ugly carp in a bikini, I remember back in the day when we were carp fishing with corn. Every time we caught one, we would use the pliers to take the hook out every time. Hell, even to this day, I'm afraid of touching one of those nasty bottom feeders, lol... But carp fishing has become more popular nowadays, more and more fishermen are starting to like the sport. Especially bowfishing!!! First off, Carp give off one of the best fights out of all the species, I've snapped my line so many times trying to haul in one of these monsters... And second, they grow to enormous size, so landing one makes for one hell of an accomplishment and they make for great photos like this one!

big pike ice fishingDon't ask me the size or weight of this northern pike, because I don't know! Lol!!! I was doing my regular surfing on the web and found this monster, I found it on another fishing site, and guess what? They didn't give the details on the weight or the size, kind of sucks I know... But that so typical of the internet, so many big fish are posted online and details are never given out where it was caught or the size of the fish. Sometimes fishermen are just secretive on big fish like this, because some anglers are actually record hunters, like Patrick Sebile, who's always looking for that next record bass. Anyways it's just crazy that this fisherman was able to pull a monster pike like this through the ice, he had to have a nice size hole in the ice to pull this monster out. I remember when I first bought an auger, I thought to myself, I better make sure I get at least an 8" auger, because I worried about catching a monster muskie or pike on Lake St. Clair. Even an 8 inch auger might be to small for this massive fish!!!

chew valley lake record pikeIt was very cold and windy out on Chew Valley Lake, at the time nothing was biting for fisherman Mike Green. That's until almost five hours had passed and all of a sudden Green had a huge hit on his fly, both him and his friend had seen the big fish hit! First thing they thought was, this is a 30 pound fish at the end of Mike's line. The fish gave a fight of a lifetime, after reeling for what felt like hours, they managed to net this monster. It was absolutely enormous, Green and his boat partner figured it was a 35 pound pike, but after putting it on the scales. They were very surprised with the 40 pound 8 ounce numbers!

record pike photo

mark stevenson record bass lake forkMark Stevenson's record bass "Ethel" is considered one of the most memorable fish caught in the state of Texas. What sets this fish out from other state records, is how much the fish has touched millions of fishermen's lives. The fish holds the distinction of being the first bass to enter what was the Operation Share a Lone Star Lunker at the time, it's now called the ShareLunker program. The program consists of using brooders, such as Stevenson's record bass to increase the size and growth rate of largemouth bass in Texas public waters.

At the time, there wasn't much visibility or funding for the lunker program, that's until Stevenson's lunker was submitted to the program. Since then Legislature appropriated $8 million for hatcheries. Millions fishermen flocked to Bass Pro Shops to see Ethel, which some say helped spawn 43 Bass Pro Shops stores! And even Johnny Morris gave a $650,000 challenge grant for construction of a conservation center at TFFC where a plaque bears the name of Ethel.

When Mark Stevenson caught Ethel from Lake Fork, the big bass weighed 17.67-pound, when she died in 1994, Ethel weighed an incredible 20 pounds. Well Ethel would stay on top for stay on top for many years, her record would be broken by Barry StClair in 1992 with a bass that weighed 18.18 pounds. Even though she's not the state record anymore, Ethel's legend lives on!

huge largemouth bass poverty point reservoirKen Chapman of Crowville holds up his monster bass he caught from Poverty Point Reservoir, the huge largemouth bass weighed an incredible 12.52 pounds. At the time, this was the second 12 pounder that was caught within a week from the state park's lake! 2013 was a big year for Poverty Point Reservoir, pumping out big bass left and right. But it wasn't till 2015, that a new record was set by David Houston with his monster 14.08 pound bass. Ken Chapman had actually planned to wake up early for a bass tournament that day, but he inadvertently hit the snooze button and slept in. Looks like it payed off!

poverty point reservoir record bassHave you ever been in a predicament where you bird nested or gotten backlash on your baitcaster, then after untangling your fishing line, come to find out you have a monster bass at the end of your line? Well it's happened to me two or three times in my fishing lifetime! But never this size, lol!!! Check out the monster David Houston caught after suffering from a minor set of backlash on his baitcaster. After a few pulls on Houston's backlash from his baitcaster, he got situated... But something didn't quite feel right, David Houston said “It didn’t feel like I was on the bottom, and I had the weird feeling of not being on the bottom when I knew I should have been. I went ahead and set the hook.”

Immediately after pulling back on his fishing rod, that set into motion a relatively brief battle that resulted in Houston landing a certified 14.08-pound fish from the lake’s north end. Immediately after he placed the big bass in his live well and headed to the marina complex to weigh and record the massive fish. All in all, the lunker weighed 14.08 pounds, measured 23 1/2 inches long and supported a girth of 24 3/4 inches. Houston said he's a big believer in catch and release, so immediately after the weigh-in, he released big birtha back into the water.

louisiana record largemouth bassDavid Houston has officially taken the top spot for Poverty Point Reservoir, beating out the previous record by about a pound, which was Keith Lofton's 13.06 pound bass caught on February 2, 2012. Louisiana's current state record is Greg Wiggins' 15.97 pound largemouth bass from Caney Lake back in 1999. Still awfully close if you ask me, I think there's new state record roaming around Poverty Point Reservoir somewhere.

Tip: Houston was said to catch this big bass near the marina complex at Poverty Point State Park in 8 feet of water using a 10-inch tequila sunrise Yum ribbontail worm. The conditions were cold, with temperatures in the upper 40s and a water temperature of only 42 degrees. Sometimes those colder days pay off!

Also David Houston uses 15-pound Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon, a type of fishing line some fishermen swear by, due to it's transparency! But really, I think today's record fish was caught due to one of the line's negative qualities, which is high memory. Ironic isn't it, I love this sport for the amount weird stuff that goes on. Hell everyone's got a fishing story, right? lol.

huge largemouth bassBut really, I think sometimes just letting a soft plastic bait such as the Yum ribbontail worm sit at the bottom of the lake does the trick. This provides the enticing moment for a big fish to strike. The fish feels the moment is perfect, because the prey is vulnerable, and then they strike, they strike hard!!! But really, there's no telling if this big record bass struck the bait when it was gracefully falling to the bottom. I've had many times where I casted a soft plastic bait, soon after it hit the water, many fish like to strike it! Almost all species: bass, pike, walleye, and muskie! This moment in time can provide a unique action of the lure when it's falling.

Whatever the killer combination was of the day, something did the trick. Sometimes just being at the right spot at the right does the trick. All in all, I think David Houston was one lucky fisherman. And really Houston himself claimed, "there wasn't much skill involved." Still though, you gotta give the guy credit for catching and releasing this beautiful fish! Congratulations on the new record David Houston!!!

big muskellunge georgian bay

Muskie guide Jody Mills is in pursuit of the big muskie, Mills caught this monster muskie on Georgian Bay. One of the awesome lakes that is host to some extra large fish such as the muskellunge. What makes the bay such a great environment for Muskie, is that it's accompanied by great bait fish such as herring (ciscoes), perch, emerald shiners, and even smallmouth bass. Even though most will fishermen will not refer to smallies as bait fish, I do! Why? Because some of these muskellunge can basically swallow these beautiful fish whole!

record tiger muskie pineview reservoir

What could've been a tiger muskie state record in Utah, ended up being another catch and release record. The fish took 20 minutes to reel in, when Bennett Oberg measured it, the monster muskie measured an incredible 51 inches in length. 2 inches longer than the current state record which was landed in 2006. But because of the current catch and release policy in effect for all tiger muskies on Pineview Reservoir, the record tiger muskie was let go. Bennett Oberg said he felt good releasing the fish anyways! Even though this would've been a new state record, it still short of Utah’s catch and release record, which is a 53-inch muskie caught at Pineview in 1998. It's absolutely amazing how big tiger muskies get in Utah, over on Lake St. Clair, I have yet to catch one anywhere near this size. Most the tiger muskie I've caught are relatively small, but we did catch a 35 incher one year.

curlew lake huge tiger muskieThis huge tiger muskie wasn't actually caught by a fisherman, but instead captured by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife fisheries biologist Danny Garrett. He was doing a warmwater fisheries survey when he came upon this monster fish. It measured 49 inches long and weighed an incredible 34 pounds. During this 2010 survey, supposedly there were several other tiger muskies captured that measured over 40 inches long. I'm beginning to learn that Washington is home to some really huge tiger muskies, I'll have to add this lake to one of future hot spots to fish.