A new website has just surfaced called Fishhound, this is no ordinary website with just the standard fishing community. This is a spot online where you can find real time fishing reports. Fishermen are always looking for tips at their local lakes, ponds, and rivers. Although the community is just starting to build up, I think in the future this could be one of the best websites to look at for fishing reports. I'm excited and so are a lot of other fishermen about this newly designed website, make sure you check it out when you get a chance fishhound.comwas just

bass fishing reports

bassmaster fishing magazineThere has been a lot of talk which is the best bass fishing magazine out there, to me it's obvious that Bassmaster is the favorite, but is it the best? All in all I would say so! I mean what better place to get fishing tips from, but the pros themselves. The amount of fishing tips that come from Bassmaster is remarkable! You wouldn't think that things are changing much in the fishing world, but this magazine shows that they are and that there's always new fishing tips to learn. I just finished reading the March issue and am pretty please with many of the articles. If you haven't done so already, I highly suggest picking up a few issues. Another great magazine to check out is FLW Bass Fishing.

Largemouth Bass Manns Minus Crankbait

Just a beautiful largemouth bass caught on a Manns 1 Minus Crankbait. It's amazing how big of a Bass can come out of a small pond. This pale white color is pretty deadly near the lake near me, the Bass seem to react real well to the bright white color.

Michigan Smallmouth Bass Great LakesDue to the goby population booming, the size of smallmouth bass has greatly increased. It's more common to catch a four pound smallmouth bass then a few years ago. Some fishermen are even catching five pound smallmouth bass and even six pound smallmouth bass now. There is no doubt that the Great Lakes have the best smallmouth bass fishing in the United States. Just check out this monster smallmouth bass a fisherman caught out of the Great Lakes. So if you're looking for some great smallmouth Bass fishing, definitely head over to Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, or even Lake Huron.

Big Record Largemouth BassRemember this big record largemouth bass caught by fisherman Paul Duclos? This big pig was pulled out of a 75 acre lake out of Santa Rosa, California. The fisherman Paul Duclos weighed it on bathroom scale and then released it, claiming it did weigh around 24 pounds. Due to Paul Duclos weighing it incorrectly, the big record largemouth Bass never took over the spot as the world record. Both George Perry and Manabu Kurita still hold the top spot as the world's largest largemouth Bass. I think maybe one day the record will be beat if fishermen can record these fish better, but I do respect how the fisherman decide to release these big record bass into the lake to keep the gene pool going.

castaic swimbaitsCastaic swimbaits were primarily made to perfectly mimic a real fish! Castaic swimbaits truly do look like the real thing, featuring a body that actually moves like a real fish and colors that are so accurate you think you are actually looking at a live fish. Castaic has made a variety of series to choose from such as the Rock Hard, Catch-22, Platinum Series. All are great different swim page to choose from, the company guarantees you will catch fish with all of them!