walleye fishing kent lake michiganWalleye fishing over at Kent Lake in Milford Michigan can be pretty good at the right time of year. Preferably spring time, the walleye are out feeding all over Kent Lake. And you don'talways have to go for deeper water, I caught this Kent Lake in just 6 feet of water on a beetle spin. But remember if you are spring fishing for walleye, make sure you abide by the DNR season regulations, for lower Peninsula inland waters walleye season starts on the last Saturday in April and goes to March 15th. Some really good fishing lures work great on my account like are to soft plastic tube jigs and Mister twisters.

california largemouth bassCalifornia is known for some of the best bass fishing in the country, this photo is proof of it! And boy is it a biggin! This largemouth bass is easily over 5 pounds. Young Lindsey is the proud fishermen of this catch, she caught the huge largemouth bass at Santee Lake of California. It's a stocked lake, but who says fishing at a stocked lake can't be fun. The seven Santee Lakes can be a lot fun to fish at with the whole family.

big trout santee lake californiaSome of the best dam trout fishing can be found at the Santee Lakes over in California. Using soft plastic baits such as Berkley Powerbait can be very effective on rainbow trout at the Santee Lakes. Santee Lakes are naturally stocked seasonally, the next stocking will be on March 8, 2013 with 1,000 lbs. of Rainbow Trout. A fishing permit is required daily, they charge $9 for an adult, $6 for kids 15 and under. Trout fishing at the seven different Santee Lakes can be very exciting and fun for the whole family. Other fish such as bluegill, bass, catfish are also prevalent in the lakes.

8 Largemouth Bass at Santee Lake 3Amateur fishermen Bryce Kelly at the age of 20 from El Cajon caught this 8 pound bass from Santee Lake 3. He caught the big bass on a swimbait, close near the shoreline. Many fishermen are saying the bass are starting to move closer to the shore for spawning. Santee Lakes in California are known to produce some really nice trout as well. Many fishermen are using Berkley powerbait soft plastic baits for both bass and trout.

spotted muskie lake st clairI think the spotted Muskie is one of the prettiest fish out of Lake St. Clair. Every time I catch one I'm just graced with presence of the fish, it' s truly one of Gods most beautiful creations. This Muskie I caught in the photo actually jumped out of the water, almost doing a tail walk! They are a very strong fish, you have to be in order to jump out of the water three feet in the air and be the size that they are.

record largemouth bass chickamauga lake

Professional bass anglers Rogne Brown and Michael Neal brought in some real lunkers that totaled in at 37.9 pounds at the Chattanooga Bass Association fishing tournament this Saturday at Chickamauga Lake. That's an average weight of 7.58 pounds each, majority of bass anglers in the area have never caught a single fish that weighed that much in their lives. The top three winning teams had bags of best that weighed more than 30 pounds. I'm sure the local residents are biting their nails to find out what type of fishing lures these tournament fisherman were using. It hasn't been officially released what learned are using, but some suspect the Tennessee rig. A multi-lure "umbrella-style" lure that imitates a school of baitfish.

bass fishing hall fame cullmanThe bass fishermen in Cullman Alabama have to be very happy, the hall of fame organization just announced that the city has landed the prime lactation for the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame. It will be a joint project with the city of Cullman and Cullman County. The total project will cost about $17 million and will cover 101,000 square feet. The Bass Fishing Hall of Fame will consist of ponds, gardens and an aquatic education center.

adam wagner bass fishing guntersvilleAdam Wagner just won the Bass Fishing League tournament on Lake Guntersville with a final bass limit of 29 lbs. 1 oz. With the big win, bass fisherman Adam Wagner took home the number one prize of $3,386. Adam Wagner used a variety of baits from the Zorro Bait Company, he caught most of his morning bass with a 3/8-ounce Booza Bug Jig and later in the afternoon with a ½-ounce Booza Brush Bug Jig. Both baits had a "Missouri Craw" colored pattern, the consisted of dark green and brown strands with a few chartreuse strands for brightness. It was an exciting bass fishing tournament to attend!

largemouth bass toledo bend reservoirSome of the best fishing down in Texas can be found at the Toledo Bend Reservoir. Some of the biggest bass are found in the reservoir and the Sabine River. Like this monster you see before you, weighing in at 11 lbs. 6 oz. What's great about this body water, you don't even have to fish and the places to catch these big bass. This big largemouth bass was caught in only 6 feet of water. Many anglers in their yard catching these largemouth bass on Zoom Senkos and Bass Assassin Lit’l Tappers. Both are great soft plastic baits to use on big lunkers, like the one in the photo.

striped bass lake cumberlandAs winter starts to deter away, striped bass are starting to move in Lake Cumberland. Striped Bass spend most of their time in creeks feeding on schools of bait fish, as weather begins to warm up, many fish start to move out of the creeks, stripers follow and then end up in the main lake. That's when fishing can become really good! Stripers longer than the 22-inch minimum size limit are in the lake now, later this month things will start to improve and stripers in the 26- to 28-inch class will be out and about. So if you're looking for some good striped bass fishing, check out Lake Cumberland in Frankfort, Kentucky.