michigan muskie detroit riverSome of the biggest Muskie have been pulled out of the Detroit River. My brother caught this forty something inch Muskie while walleye fishing with Berkley Gulp jigs. It can be challenging fishing the Detroit River because of the current, but if you have a trolling motor and learn out of jig right on the bottom, you can pick up some really huge fish!

norman crankbait big bassThe Big N is one of the best crankbaits for big largemouth bass. Norman has been making fishing lures ever since my dad was a young fisherman. His favorite is the Big N, the size of the crankbait and the wobbly action the fishing lure gives off is very attractive to big largemouth bass. My father has caught really big largemouth bass on Davidson Lake and Lake St. Clair in Michigan. He likes using all types of colors, but preferably a yellowish green tint with a dark back, but that's an old color. Some of Norman's new colors are just as good as well.

norman crankbait bass fishing lures

largemouth bass norman crankbaitMy dad and I were doing some fishing at Kensington Metropark last year, he caught three largemouth bass and I caught about eight largemouth bass. Although I caught more bass, the old timer caught the bigger ones. And that's the thing about the Norman crankbait he caught the bass on. Even though I caught more bass, the bigger bass always go for the Norman, basically because of the size. The Big N looks like a really big fat juicy minnow wobbling in the water. The Big N lives up to the old fishing rule of thumb, fish with a bigger lure and you will catch a bigger fish. That day I was using soft plastic bait, switching between the beetle spin and mepps spinner with a powerbait trailer.

Fishing in the spring time for smallmouth bass can be dynamite on Lake St. Clair. Soon as April 28 hits, if you love smallmouth bass fishing, you need to get your butt out on Lake St. Clair whether from land or boat. And remember that April 28th only consists of catch and release season, not keeping the smallmouth bass. Some of the best fishing lures to use on smallmouth bass during spring time consists of crankbaits, jigs, and swimbaits. Jigs are the preference of many fishermen because sometimes the bass are moving slow and reacting slow. You have to try all three to see which fishing lure the smallmouth bass react to the best. Also it's important to find out what's the hottest color this spring, I usually use green pumpkin, pumpkin seed, or smoke in Berkley Powerbait and it seems to work really well. But each year it seems like certain colors work better than others.

spring fishing smallmouth bass

women bass fishing picturesBass fishing is starting to catch on with women, more and more women are starting to fish. The beautiful woman in this picture caught a 4 pound smallmouth bass. Lure she was using was a bomber crankbait, which is pretty good fishing lure for catching bass, both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. She enjoys catching smallmouth bass because they give off a better fight, which can be much more enjoyable and fun. But that's not to say a big largemouth won't give you run for your money!

largemouth bass lakeville lake MichiganA few years back I did some fishing at Lakeville Lake over in Oakland County Michigan. I expected to catch some big bass and pike on my Mepps spinner, but I ended up only catching young fish. I caught three pike and seven largemouth bass. I don't want to say I was disappointed, because I had a lot of fun catching that many fish and visiting the lake. This is my first time visiting Lakeville Lake and I must say it's beautiful, it was very unique to see how close some of the houses were on the water. There are two houses that are right in the middle of the Lake, one house actually has a dock going to it, no road for any car to pull up to it. So although I didn't catch any huge monsters, I still enjoyed the majestic sights of the Lake.

huge muskie lake st clair

The size of the Muskie coming out of Lake St. Clair is incredible, each year there seems to be a huge monster like this one being caught. I still haven't caught a Muskie over 45 inches, but I know I will one day in the future, because Lake St. Clair is just loaded with them. Lake St. Clair is one of the best Muskie fishing lakes in the United States. This huge Muskie was caught on a worm harness, but bucktails spinners work great to on Muskie.

picture northern pikeNow this isn't something you see every day, a northern pike attacking another pike. Some fishermen have said it's photoshopped, but I think it's real. Pike can be very cannibalistic, feeding on one another sometimes, especially if you catch a pike that acts wounded when you're reeling him in. I've had pike attack other fish such as perch and bass when I'm reeling' em in. It's only happened to me two times, it's rare but it happens. This situation is even rarer, but I think with the right opportunity it could happen. If this happened to me, I sure would like to net both of them. But I'd be so nervous that my line would snap, my adrenaline gets going just by looking at this incredible picture of the two pike.

picture northern pike attacking

Was doing a little bass fishing that day on Lake St. Clair and caught a walleye on a Bomber crankbait, an old rainbow trout color Bomber discontinued. I was so pissed off find out that Bomber doesn't make this color anymore. It was a decent day for fishing that afternoon, we got out on Lake St. Clair right before a storm front moved in, so I'm not surprised I caught a walleye that day. Tip: fish can go on a feeding frenzy before a storm front. It can be quite a good time to fish, that's why it's so important to check the weather before you go out fishing.

lake st clair walleye crankbait

smallmouth bass kent lake michigan10 years ago the smallmouth bass population was pretty big at Kent Lake in Kensington Metropark Michigan. But nowadays it seems like it can be tough catching two or three smallmouth bass in a day. Mostly now anglers are catching a lot more largemouth bass at Kent Lake. Back in 2010, I caught this to pound smallmouth bass on a Beetle Spin. The smallie put up one hell of a fight trying to reel him in! This was one smallmouth out of the seven bass I caught that day, the rest were all largemouth of course. I still enjoyed fishing at Kent Lake that day, I also call I walleye at Kent Lake. Would be nice to see the bass population balance itself out again. Kent Lake for the last few years has had a really bad algae problem, I wonder if that had to do with killing some of the smallmouth bass population off.

Here's some photos of the algae blooms at Kent Lake in Milford Michigan. At the time half of the lake was covered with these algae spots. From my own research, I've read that foreign invading algae and seaweed has made its way into Michigan bigger lakes from freighters pulling it in from other countries. The foreign algae and seaweed then makes its way into the smaller inland lakes by rivers and streams, some say it's possible for boats transporting the algae from lake to lake as well. Problem is this is not natural to many of the small lakes' ecosystem and again what I've read online from scientists, the algae can kill fish eggs.

algae blooms kent lake

algae kent lake michigan