maryland state record chain pickerelAfter fishing for chain pickerel 38 years, Lee Haile III has finally landed a record. The thing about chain pickerel is they never give up, after several 30-foot dashes once hooked, circling the boat twice, dodging the net, and going under the boat! Lee Haile III, his son, and friend were able to net the incredibly strong fish. Lee Haile III knew the 8 pound chain pickerel was a personel best for him, but little did he know, this would be the new state record for Maryland. After the Maryland Department of Natural Resources reviewed the catch, they confirmed it to be the new state record. It's actually a pound and a half short of the world record chain pickerel that is 9 pounds, 4 ounces. The previous record for Maryland was caught all the way back in 1976, which weighed 7 poundsm 4 ounces.

Lee Haile III never released the name of the body of water, but he did say the record chain pickerel was caught at unnamed Eastern Shore pond near Salisbury. Lee Haile III was willing to give away the tackle package he was using: 8 pound braided running line, a 20-pound monofilament leader, and a minnow/jig combo lure.

record flathead catfishI've never really been a fan of fishing for catfish, I'm usually fishing for pike, muskie, and bass. But that doesn't prevent me from posting incredible catches like this 27 pounder caught at John Martin Reservoir. This fish has basically crushed the state record for flathead catfish, nearly double the size of the previous record in 2011, which weighed 15 pounds 6 ounces and was 32 2⁄8 inches long. Tony Chavez caught this monster catfish from the stilling basin below the reservoir. Officially, Tony Chavez's measures a whopping 39 and 9/16th inches and weighed 27 pounds, 3.68 ounces. According to the La Junta fisherman, the secret to luring in this monster catfish was chicken livers.

CPW aquatic biologist said "since the big flathead catfish was caught from the stilling basin below John Martin Dam, this means the fish escaped from the main reservoir during water releases." Flathead catfish were stocked at Reservoir from 94' to 09'. They were acquired from the state of Arkansas through special trades. Although no flathead catfish have been stocked since 2009, populations of these fish appear to be self-sustaining.

flathead catfish john martin reservoir

Some major concern from a local fisherman, I doubt that any of you are aware the major problem that is affecting Lake St. Clair and the surrounding Great Lakes. You hear it in the newspapers, people getting hooked on drugs, whether it be painkillers, diabetes drugs, mind altering drugs etc... We're basically a drugged up nation.

But anyways, did you know that water treatment plants can't filter out these drugs? So they basically get pissed back into the lake. Last year, I spoke with a lot of fishermen in the area, most have never seen the fishing this bad in Lake St. Clair, well after reading some recent articles, there could be a connection.

An article published Jan 02, 2015 by John Fauber, at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shed some light on the drug problem. Metformin the drug used to treat diabetes was so "high that the drug could be disrupting the endocrine systems of fish." Break that down in layman's terms... The drug is disrupting the hormonal system of fish, turning male fish into females.

Need more evidence that we should be concernced, here ya go. This article On the Potomac River, 80% of male smallmouth bass were hermaphrodites. This article was published five years before the Diabetes article, so this nothing new. Also mentioned in the article on Field & Stream, US geological survey "found intersex fish in a third of 111 sites" tested around the country. A third, you know how big that is!!!!

And it's not just one contaminant or drug that's doing all the harm, scientists have found that a herbicide has turned male frogs into females..

So think about it, if you have lake full of females and no male bass to procreate, you will see bass populations, (which the Field & Stream article said effects a most), statistically decline like the frogs have over the years.

And to top it off, Scientists are starting to find out it's almost impossible to narrow down the specific cause.

And to think contaminants are just affecting fish, well that's just naive to say the least...

I do hope we have this sport of fishing 20-30 years down the road...

record muskie melton hill lake tennesseeCory Allen who likes to listen to old ragtime music when he's fishing for muskies, hooked into this monster muskie this past weekend when him and a friend were out fishing on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. When the big muskellunge hit their line, they knew it was a big fish, Allen remarked "oh my god, that's, that's a different animal." After hauling her in, the massive muskie tipped the scales at 46 pounds and measured from tip to tail at 54 inches. After taking a quick snapshot of the photo, Allen and his friend decided to let the big muskie though, even though they knew the fish had broken the state record. The current state stands at 42 pounds 8 ounces.

idaho record rainbow troutWhat could've been the new Rainbow Trout state record for Idaho last week, ended up getting thrown back due to state laws protecting the threatened species. Steve Liebenthal, the public information specialist from Idaho Fish and Game, said "it's the biggest rainbow trout I've seen." The monster rainbow was landed by Larry Warren on the Clearwater River. Before releasing it, Warren weighed it at over 28 pounds. Biologists took a look at the photo and confirmed the rainbow trout had to be around 28 pounds, as well as estimating the fish to be around seven years of age. Man that's incredible, that's a eight more pounds than the state record rainbow that was caught back in 2009.

world record perch ice fishingA little Idaho girl has conquered the state record for yellow perch! After catching the big fish at Lake Cascade, Tia and her father Gary knew they had broken the state record. But after visiting the Fresh Water Fish Hall of Fame, Gary learned that the world record for the yellow perch was only 2 pounds 6 ounces from Sheep Pond, Massachusetts. Tia's perch weighed an incredible 2 pounds and 11.68 ounces. After filing some paperwork, both anglers learned that their monster perch ended up being the worlds largest yellow perch caught while ice fishing using a tip-up rod. How about that... Make sure ya get out and do some ice fishing fellow anglers, ya never know what might be at the end of your line.

huge florida bassThe big bass just keep coming in at Rodman Reservoir, yet another 14 pound bass was caught by the same licensed captain, Sean Rush of Trophy Bass Expeditions. Back in 2013, Rush guided Bob Williams to a 13-pound, 14-ounce bass that went on to win the inaugural segment of the TrophyCatch program. Now Dewight "Richie" Whitmore, while using live wild shiners for bait, hooked into a 14 pounds, 1 ounce bass that tipped the scales indefinitely. Whitmore's catch stands as the bass to beat this year in the program's elite Hall of Fame category for bass 13 pounds and heavier.

Sean Rush said the key to catching these big bass, are finding the full and new-moon phases, he said there's something to that! Also, this time of year in January, 8 and 10 pound can be caught because of the females carrying eggs for prespawn. 14 pound bass aren't common, however they are possible to catch at Reservoir Rush says. He also claims there are even larger bass at the reservoir, hinting that one day one of these lunkers could eclipse the existing world record of 22 pounds, 4 ounces.

huge bass rodman reservoir

record white bass oregonEvery angler in Oregon knows by now that Ana Reservoir is home to some really big white bass, but I'm not sure if anyone thought the current state record from that body of water would ever be broken. The current record comes in at 18 pounds 9 1/2 ounces, pretty impressible to say the least. Well now, a young bass fisherman named Chad Meadows has come forward to conquer that record, beating it out by more than a pound. Meadows' fish weighs a remarkable 19 pounds 12 ounces! He caught the record white bass while jerking a Rapala through the water, the fish it hard Meadows said!!! The big bass fought like no other white bass he ever caught, it went straight to the bottom, just like a smallmouth bass. Meadows said the big white bass are almost like catching a salmon, they are a powerhouse fish.

So if you're looking for some good white bass fishing in Oregon, check out Ana Reservoir, average weight for these bass can be around 5 - 12 pounds.

record bass eucha lakeJay Scott holds the new record bass for Eucha Lake in Oklahoma, the fish weighed an incredible 9 pounds and measured 22.5 inches long. The girth on this monster was around 18 inches. It's too bad, we couldn't get a better close up of this fish, but comparing it to Scott's waistline, you know this largemouth bass is a monster. Scott said he couldn't believe he caught it in this weird weather of January, fishing is usually pretty slow and bass are average size. It was so warm on the day he caught it, he decided to take his shirt off for two hours.

Scott claims the bass suspended near drop-offs and hitting umbrella rigs just 10 to 20 feet deep at Eucha Lake. The 9 pound record bass he caught, was hooked using an Yumbrella outfitted with 3.5-inch shad color Gene Larew Sweet Swimmers on ⅛th-ounce jig heads. He used a hefty Loomis Carolina Rig rod and 50-pound braid. The hot areas are always filled with the fish!

pike feedingSome pike are just too damn hungry!!! How in the hell can some of these pike think they are going to devour another pike the same size as them? This is just crazy, lol, I wonder if muskie are as agressive to their own species? I think without a doubt though, northern pike are the worst species that are cannibalistic. But if any of you angler's have noticed, there are quite a bit of bass crankbaits designed with a baby bass theme. Meaning that bass are just as cannibalistic! It's all rather funny how deadly the food chain is in a freshwater lakes, it's even worse in the ocean!!!

pike eating pikenorthern pike cannibalism