lake powell striped bassLake Powell in Utah is one of the best and beautiful lakes to fish for striped bass. The Lake sits at an elevation of 3599 and is the second largest man-made reservoir, by maximum water capacity, in the United States. The Lake gets deep as 560 feet, but the average depth is 132 feet. You don't have to go that far down to to get a striped bass, you can drop a quarter ounce jig with an anchovy about 30 to 40 feet down and you'll catch some.

Right now striped bass are just stacked up in front of the Glen Canyon Dam. The lake is protected by many biologists like DWR Lake Powell Project Leader Wayne Gustaveson, the man received a lifetime achievement award for his appreciation of Lake Powell. Anyone looking for an honest fishing report or even valuable information on hiking and camping, Wayne Gustaveson has a website called You can find all types of good information on there about Lake Powell. It's really a beautiful lake to visit if you ever decide to vacation and Utah.

chionodraco rastrospinosus fishHere's a challenging Jeopardy question for you, what is the name of the fish that doesn't have any hemoglobin and has gin-clear blood. Well the answer is Chionodraco Rastrospinosus, chances are you're not going be able to pronounce the name on Jeopardy anyways. The fish looks just like a walleye, especially with the similar glow-in-the-dark Chronicles of Riddick eyes. The fish needs them to see in the dark where it swims 3,200 feet below sea level in the icy waters off Antarctica. Scientists still can't figure out how this fish operates with transparent blood with no hemoglobin, which binds with oxygen and makes the blood appear red. Some say it could be a larger heart and no scales to impede oxygen absorption, but they aren't sure.

fishing big smallmouth bassFishing for smallmouth bass on some lakes can be challenging. Having a fish finder can really help you locate this species of fish. As most fisherman know, smallmouth bass tend to hang out in deeper parts of the lake. But sometimes they're still hard to find and you have to look for structure with your fish finder. Smallmouth Bass can act very funny on certain occasions and you have to try different types of fishing lures. Some of my fishing lures I like to use on smallmouth bass in Lake St. Clair and other inland smallmouth bass lakes in Michigan are crankbaits, jigs, and drop shot rigs.

Some good brand of crankbaits I find are successful on smallmouth bass are Bomber Crankbaits, Berkley Flicker Shads, and Rapala Crankbaits. Rebel crankbaits are really good and smallmouth bass too. I'll have to admit that crankbaits are my favorite fishing lure for smallmouth bass because they are easy to use and very versatile. Jigs and drop shot rigs are a lot more work to fish with, but that's not to say they aren't fun. Using jigs consist of bobbing your rod up and down, which is called jigging. Some brands I find work best are Berkley Powerbait and Kalin's in the 4 inch grub. Some other fishermen like to use spoons, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and swimbaits. But I find that jigs and crankbaits are the top fishing lures to use on smallmouth bass.


northern pike lakeville lakeIf you're in the Oakland County area of Michigan and love to fish for northern Pike, I highly recommend fishing at Lakeville Lake. It's honestly not a very big lake and a lot of the hot spots can be fished pretty quickly. Few years ago when I went, the largemouth bass seem to be pretty small, the abundance of northern pike could be the reason. I didn't catch any big bass but I did catch a few decent sized northern pike and believe it or not I had two break offs. I think these two pike could've been some big ones. But I'll be honest with you, the Lake doesn't really compare to well to the bigger Lakes such as Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie. Overall though, it's a decent lake to fish for northern Pike and small bass, just don't expect to catch fish of really big size. It's a great starter lake to take youngsters to learn how to fish.

cat fish stony creek lakeFishing was really slow at Stony Creek last year, I was trying all types of different fishing lures, I finally decided to try live bait with a perch rig. I slipped on some worms and before I know what I had a channel catfish on. I'm not a big catfish fisherman, but I must say I enjoyed catching this channel cat. It gave up a decent fight for it's size and when I lifted it out of the water, I admired its beauty. I think one day I might try doing some fishing for catfish, I know Michigan has some really big catfish in the state. Them big catfish can put up one hell of a fight too.

walleye kent lake michiganMy girlfriend and I were fishing on Kent Lake when we caught this nice size walleye. I think it was about a three pounder, the walleye definitely put up one hell of a fight, I was surprised. There's some really strong fish in Kent Lake, I also call a smallmouth bass there too. And if you you're an avid fisherman for smallmouth bass, you know they put up a really good fight as well the walleye, if not better depending on size. I caught both these big fish on a Beetle Spin which is an all-around great fish catching lure. Kent Lake also has some really nice largemouth bass in it too. If you're in the area of Milford Michigan, I highly recommend fishing Kent Lake for walleye and bass.

double header smallmouth bass

Some of the best smallmouth Bass fishing can be found on Lake St. Clair, my friend and I caught these two smallmouth bass trolling with bomber crankbaits. Some fishermen call this a doubleheader, which is an exciting event to happen on you're fishing with a buddy. Smallmouth Bass fight so well, sometimes they can cross your lines so you have to be careful when you and your fishing buddy are close together on a boat. If you and your fishing friend haven't caught a double header yet, just be patient because anyone who loves to fish will eventually achieve a double header.

My brother was trolling with a bucktail spinner on Lake St. Clair and caught this huge muskellunge. It was one hell of a catch, took quite a while to reel it in. Some say these are fish of tens of thousands of casts, but surprisingly Lake St. Clair is just loaded with them now. I remember back in the day it would take months to catch a Muskie, now you catch them just as much as northern Pike on Lake St. Clair. And they are hell of a lot of fun to catch, sometimes they will do a tail walk across the water, boy is that a site to see.

picture huge muskellunge

Some of the best dam smallmouth bass fishing can be achieved using the Berkley Flicker Shad, in this fishing video I just hammer the smallmouth bass one after another using the Berkley Flicker Shad crankbait. The lure is just dynamite for smallmouth bass on Lake St. Clair, I use the 3 inch model which is 7 cm long in the purple tiger color. Since the lip is really thin on this crankbait, sometimes they will swim off balance in the water, it's just a defect you'll have to deal with. Sometimes you can fix it with just a twist of your pliers, but most Berkley Flicker Shad crankbaits swim true. You can try different actions of the Flicker Shad by twitching the crankbait or even using the stop and go retrieve, these type of actions will help lure the bass out from under cover such as their weed beds.

bottle caps fishing luresSuch a neat idea, one fisherman has opened up a business that consist of taking bottle caps and turning them into fishing lures. Not only do these fishing lures catch fish but they are also a form of recycling. Rick Hubert also provides jobs to the developmentmentally disabled. It's just a great idea since bottle caps take hundreds of years to dissolve into the ground, why not make use of them. The lures cost two dollars, cheaper than most retail lures. If you're interested in donating bottle caps, you can reach Rick Hubert at the e-mail rickhubert(at)

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