monster muskie ice fishing pennsylvaniaGood thing Nicholas Colangelo had used a 10" auger instead of something smaller, him and his best friend Luke Wholey would've never pulled this monster 53" muskie out of the ice. The fish is absolutely humongous! Colangelo and Wholey said they slept in an ice shanty overnight and fished for 18 hours until the musky took the bait, a 3 inch shiner. The official weight of the muskie wasn't disclosed nor the location, it was estimated that the musky weighed over 40 pounds plus and the location somewhere in the Northwestern area of Pennsylvania.

musky ice fishing pennsylvaniaIt took the fisherman a total of 30 minutes to reel in this beast, wasn't until the 10 minute mark that they finally got sight of the fish. The fish would take off on 60ft runs each time i got it near the hole, which is very typical for monster muskie, they are very good fighters! After landing the fish, the ice fishermen snapped a few photos of the big musky, then released her back into the wild. This must of be an awesome lake to fish, because just a week ago the fishermen caught a 40 inch musky, along with a 8 pound walleye. No one knows where this secret lake is, but Nicholas Colangelo and Luke Wholey said they're out to break the state record, which weighs 54-pounds and dates back to 1924 from Conneaut Lake.

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