Gary Yamamoto is known to make one of the best soft baits around, one in particular is called the Senko. The Senko might not look like much, but this is a soft bait that is very versatile and can be fished in many different ways. You can make it weedless with the proper hooking rig and the jittery action the Senko gives off is perfect to entice big bass. Each soft bait is said to be impregnated with salt for a quality scent that lures in big fish. Some fishermen say when all else fails, try a Gary Yamamoto soft bait, they ALWAYS catch fish! Watermelon Green color has always been a favorite of mine and many of my fishing buddies, so give it a try. Right now we have Gary Yamamoto Senko soft baits for a cheap price, you can't pass up this incredible deal.

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