huge tiger muskie ice fishingNot sure what lake this was at, but man, who cares! Is just incredible that the fisherman were able to reel in this 40″ muskie on only 6 pound test fishing line, this sucker almost didn’t fit through the hole, lol! Man I miss ice fishing!!! I really want to go this winter, but I’m not sure if I have the money to buy a ice shanty, no way in hell am I going ice fishing wihout a shanty, lol. Gets so dam cold out there… Too many hours spent freezing my ass off when I was younger. This monster tiger muskie ended up weighing 18 pounds, pretty incredible! By the way did I say that this Muskie is incredible, what a magnificent fish.

If you love muskie fishing, you’ll love this incredible muskellunge I caught one day out on lake st. clair. Now I know a 43″ muskie isn’t huge for muskie fisherman, however that size is pretty huge for me. In fact it’s very huge, if you’re only using 10 pound test on a light bass fishing rod, this sucker felt like 200 pounds on the end of my line! I didn’t way the fish, I wanted to get her back in the lake quick as possible. Man I’m so happy I caught her right next to the boat or I would of never been able to the huge muskie. Hope you enjoy the video, thanks goes out to GoPro!

huge lake st clair muskie

Wow, look at this incredibly huge Muskie that was caught on Lake St. Clair, the fish measured a total of 55 inches after netting it. The Muskie was too big for the net, it was just enormous, it was even tough for the fisherman to hold the muskie up, it weighed over 40 pounds. Man what an incredible muskie!!! The fellow fishermen actually caught the fish near the boat using the figure 8, a great technique to catch muskie if they follow your lure up and don’t bite.

record tiger muskieLook at the size of this tiger muskie, incredible or what, Tom Boise of Lakeland caught this monster tiger muskie while ice fishing at Otisco Lake. The musky weighed an incredible 27 pounds, and 5 ounces. And measured 45.5 inches long and a girth of 22.5 inches! Boise was actually fishing in a derby sponsored by Moondance Restaurant, believe it or not, this it ended up breaking the existing world record for Tiger Muskie.

big muskie photoMidsummer I was doing some bass fishing with the Blue Fox Vibrax Double Spin, caught a bunch of bass, which was sweet! But later that day I landed an incredible 43″ muskie, man if this fish wasn’t caught near the boat, this biggin would of definitely gave me a run for my money. The fish was still tough to reel in towards the net, which I might say, the monster muskie bent after I lifted him out of the water. Was so incredible to such a huge fish, remind you I hauled in his muskie by just using bass tackle using 10 pound Berkley Trilene XT monofilament line. I thought this is a pretty big accomplishment for me, since I haven’t caught a muskie this big ever, man it was big!

Fishing News

Tiger Muskie caught

Sad to say, this is was about as much fall fishing I got in this year, it was a slow day on the boat. I had tried using jigs and crankbaits in deep areas of Lake St. Clair, absolutely nothing. Then I tried using spinnerbaits and shallow areas of the lake around the peninsulas, still not. After four hours of fishing out on the boat, I decided to go in, and do some fishing offshore in the boat wells. Will come to find out, ended up catching a 30+ inch tiger muskie in only 5 feet of water. This goes to show you can catch muskie anywhere, lol! It was incredibly surprising!!!

big bass prairie lakeRapid City angler Mark Zacher was thrilled to catch this 6 pound, 8 ounce big bass last spring, but now he is even more thrilled after winning the Bassmaster’s contest to be able to fish with this fishing title Mike Iaconelli. There were 120,000 applicants and Mark Zacher came out on top, he’s thrilled to be able to fish with, what he calls “one of the top five bass anglers in the world.” Zacher will get airfare, two nights lodging, a rental car and $500 for expenses for his June 24 day on the water with Iaconelli. Their meet up will be at a fishing tournament on the Mississippi River. Mark Zacher will get $500 worth of gear from Rapala lures and $900 from Berkley Abu Garcia, be sure is one lucky fisherman.

largemouth bass barren river lakeThere are largemouth bass well over 20 inches in Barren River Lake, Kentucky. Ryan Kausing a fisheries technician from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is holding up this monster largemouth bass. The size of bass have definitely increase in the Lake over the past few years, some say it is because of prolonged warming trend of the year. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife suggest the best time to catch a monster largemouth bass like this is spring time, meaning right now! So if you’re looking to pick up a trophy bass this year, head out to Barren River Lake.

A kayak fisherman was reeling in a tuna when a shark jumped out of the water to attack the tuna and almost hit him. If the shark was any closer, it could of capsized his kayak and he would of been in the water, that would have not been a good outcome. I consider this kayak fisherman very lucky, this is one of the reasons why I stick with freshwater fishing. The fish in the ocean are just too dam big! It makes for one hell of a video on YouTube though!

largemouth bass percy priest lakeFishing has been up and down this past weekend at Percy Priest Lake. Some fishermen are coming back with no fish at all, while others are coming back with stringers loaded with bass. The trick is fishing the lower end of the lake with jerk baits. Right now the water is a little clearer at the lower on the lake which makes conditions a lot more fishable. Crappie fishermen on Percy Priest report that they’re catching quite a few in 5 to 10 feet of water. Crappie are being caught with Tuffy minnows, lead head and grubby combinations.