big bass prairie lakeRapid City angler Mark Zacher was thrilled to catch this 6 pound, 8 ounce big bass last spring, but now he is even more thrilled after winning the Bassmaster’s contest to be able to fish with this fishing title Mike Iaconelli. There were 120,000 applicants and Mark Zacher came out on top, he’s thrilled to be able to fish with, what he calls “one of the top five bass anglers in the world.” Zacher will get airfare, two nights lodging, a rental car and $500 for expenses for his June 24 day on the water with Iaconelli. Their meet up will be at a fishing tournament on the Mississippi River. Mark Zacher will get $500 worth of gear from Rapala lures and $900 from Berkley Abu Garcia, be sure is one lucky fisherman.

largemouth bass barren river lakeThere are largemouth bass well over 20 inches in Barren River Lake, Kentucky. Ryan Kausing a fisheries technician from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is holding up this monster largemouth bass. The size of bass have definitely increase in the Lake over the past few years, some say it is because of prolonged warming trend of the year. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife suggest the best time to catch a monster largemouth bass like this is spring time, meaning right now! So if you’re looking to pick up a trophy bass this year, head out to Barren River Lake.

A kayak fisherman was reeling in a tuna when a shark jumped out of the water to attack the tuna and almost hit him. If the shark was any closer, it could of capsized his kayak and he would of been in the water, that would have not been a good outcome. I consider this kayak fisherman very lucky, this is one of the reasons why I stick with freshwater fishing. The fish in the ocean are just too dam big! It makes for one hell of a video on YouTube though!

largemouth bass percy priest lakeFishing has been up and down this past weekend at Percy Priest Lake. Some fishermen are coming back with no fish at all, while others are coming back with stringers loaded with bass. The trick is fishing the lower end of the lake with jerk baits. Right now the water is a little clearer at the lower on the lake which makes conditions a lot more fishable. Crappie fishermen on Percy Priest report that they’re catching quite a few in 5 to 10 feet of water. Crappie are being caught with Tuffy minnows, lead head and grubby combinations.

floating worm bass fishingOne type of rig that is overlooked for bass fishing is the floating worm. Even though it’s been proven to work really well in the spring, summer, and fall for bass fishing, it’s starting become a lost art. If you’re not familiar with this rig, you might be fooled by the title. The soft plastic worm does not float, it’s not a topwater lure. The rig gets it’s nickname by the way the worm falls slowly through the water. It truly is a unique action the worm gives off when you hook it through the middle and attach no weights to it. If you look at the photo with the caught bass, you’ll see how fishermen hook the soft plastic worm. One of the brands professional bass fisherman use are the Zoom Trick Worm. And to make the worm give off more of a wacky style action, some fishermen will use a Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook.

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Bass at Barkley Lakes

smallmouth bass kentucky barkley lakesCaptain Tim Griggs caught this monster smallmouth bass out of Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. The lakes are known for really big largemouth bass, but they also harbor big smallmouth bass as well. The colors on this bronze back are really amazing and beautiful looking. This smallmouth bass is easily over 6 pounds, if you’re looking for some good bass fishing, check out the time lakes in Clarksville, Tennessee.

bass fishing kentucky barkley lakesBass fishing is really hot on twin lakes in Clarksville, Tennessee. Fishing reports indicate a five-bass limit weighing nearly 30 pounds to win tournaments on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. Just recently angler Steve Nelson caught two 11 pound bass, almost back-to-back casts. Bass are moving into shallow water, but the lakes are still a little cold. Tossing suspending jerkbaits into shallow gravel banks prove to be winners for largemouth bass, you can also try reeling spinner baits slow across this area. At drop off points, Alabama and Tennessee rigs work pretty good. Many fishermen say once weather warms up, fishing will stay really consistent at the twin lakes: Kentucky and Barkley Lakes.

picture big walleye detroit riverAs the weather starts to warm up over here in southeastern Michigan, fishermen are starting to catch walleye on the Detroit River. A friend of mine caught this monstrous big walleye on the Detroit River next to Shane Park. The big walleye measured in at 28 1/2 inches long, definitely a lot bigger than any the walleye I have ever caught. This is proof that the Detroit River is a host to some really big walleye. I think this spring will be a hot time to do some walleye fishing on the Detroit River, so if you got about, you better get out there!

beautiful girls fishingNothing finer than a few beautiful girls fishing him down south. While most women probably think they won’t like fishing, they need to try it before they decide that. Fishing can be very exciting for women and a great way to bond in a relationship between a guy and a girl. Whether it saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing, girls just love feeling the breeze out on the lake or sea. The sights you get to see out on the water are just beautiful. For more pictures of beautiful girls fishing, please come back and visit us from time to time. We have interesting fishing news, the best fishing lures for sale at cheap prices, and pictures of beautiful girls fishing. What’s better than that!

terry tucker bass fishingThis past Saturday Terry Tucker of Gadsden Alabama won the Walmart Bass Fishing League Choo Choo Division event on Lake Guntersville. His live bass limit totaled 30 pounds, for his victory he earned $4,463. Terry Tucker fished the Lake 2 weeks prior and the key was using a jig with a Prowler Lures craw trailer. Flipping the jig in isolated grass patches of 3 to 4 feet were hot spots on Lake Guntersville. Morning fishing seem to be the best, from 9 AM to noon. Other bass fisherman who placed well was Jason Tucker in second and Tony Smith in third. The next BFL Choo Choo Division tournament is scheduled for April 27 on Lake Guntersville in Guntersville, Alabama.