record muskie dead mille lacsThis huge muskie was found floating on top of Mille Lacs Lake last July, the fish weighed an incredible 50 pounds, 4 pounds short of the current Minnesota state record. The fish was dead for only a short amount of time, however chances are it weighed more than 50 pounds, the fish measured an incredible 58 1/2-inches and had a 25 inch girth. Conservation officer Dan Perron that found the monster Muskie said its teeth were ground all the way down, so chances are it died of old age. After seeing this monster Muskie, Perron believes there are other record muskie in Mille Lacs Lake.

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Monster Muskellunge

monster muskellunge greenwood lakeThis monster muskie Leonid Shereshevsky caught last Sunday on Greenwood Lake was just shy of the state record by 42 pounds. The fish caused a stir on social media, after Shereshevsk went from place to place to get an an accurate weight measurement on the monster muskie. It was quite exciting, but in the end the fish was not one for the record books. The current state record for New Jersey still stands at 42 pounds, 13 ounces by by Bob Neals. Shereshevsky was only a few ounces short, such a bummer! Leonid Shereshevsky monster Muskie weighed for a total of 40.76 pounds. He actually caught the fish on 6 pound test line, believe it or not, he was vertical jigging for walleyes.

huge pike ice fishingTim Kreun caught this huge northern pike while ice fishing at Schaefer’s Slough near Lake Thompson last Friday. He was using a pair of jig-heads and minnows while ice fishing right after Thanksgiving. He was hoping to catch a crappie are two, but instead landed this incredible 23 pound, 41 inch northern pike! Reeling it in wasn’t easy, however trying to fit the big pike through the 8 inch whole was the toughest part! Tim Kreun wasn’t even out on the ice long before he hooked into this monster, he did manage to catch a few crappies, but when he saw the bobber dunk down fast, he knew it was a big one!

baby small sturgeonWow, this baby white sturgeon is so cute! I never knew Sturgeon were so pretty when they were young, the colors and detail of the fish are very strong. Did you know sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America? White sturgeon is the third largest species of sturgeon. The only time I saw a Sturgeon in person, was when one washed up to shore on Lake St. Clair, was very sad, but I admired the fish for its enormous size! I still think that I hooked into a few, but had my line snapped quite a few times.

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Record White Sturgeon

world record white sturgeon

Wow, absolutely wow! Check out this incredible photo of a world record White Sturgeon caught on the Fraser River in Canada in 2005. The fish weighed an incredible 1,500 pounds and measured 179 inches long. The fish’s girth was around 56 inches!!! The fish took over six hours to reel in, imagine taking this long to reel in a fish… This monster Sturgeon, reminds me of the fish I saw when I was little fishing off a the Grosse Pointe Shores pier on Lake St. Clair. Just like this fish, it was long and hige, it looked to be scanning the bottom for food. Now I know what I had to have seen, it must have been a monster Sturgeon. At first I thought it was a big carp, but now I know, since Sturgeon like the fish I saw, are very long and huge.

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Tennessee State Record

tennessee state record spotted bassLieutenant Shane McKee was fishing Parksville Lake last March when he caught this monster spotted bass on a jerk bait, the fish ended up weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces on certified scale. Obviously outweighing the current record by 8 ounces, it’s only a matter of time now till Shane McKee grabs the top spot. The day McKee caught the fish, it was very sunny out and quite windy. Not the best weather for big bass fishing, but finding the right spot to catch these lunkers was the key. When the fish jump, Shane cannot believe how big it was, within seconds he had a clue that this bass could be a new state record. Shane McKee is still waiting on the DNA analysis, once it’s affirmed, this will be the new Tennessee state record for spotted bass. For now, he’s gonna have to keep upholding the law at the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department.

photo big bassCheck out this incredible largemouth bass that was caught at Lake Fork this past year, the fish weighed a total of 15.5 pounds. The fish was so big, mango I had a hard time holding enough by just one hand. Fisherman are catching stringers weighing over 100 pounds, now is that crazy or what! Lake Fork was built 35 years ago by damming a tributary of the Sabine River and flooding 28,000 acres. Man it must’ve been something else laying first eyes on this fish, after the angler landed the incredible bass!

Angler David Roulston of Frisco caught this 13.88-pound largemouth bass from Lake Fork past November. The big fish was donated to the state’s ShareLunker program. It was caught on a Carolina-rigged soft-plastic Brush Hog in about 25 feet of water.

huge largemouth bass lake fork

big california spotted bass

Jason Johnson and Cody Meyer are the fishermen who caught these incredible spotted bass at Clear Lake this past year, they said it was a day they will take to the grave. It was incredible day of fishing as you can see, all these fish looks like they way over 10 pounds. The bellies on these spotted bass are huge. The lures of choice were Strike King 6XD and 10XD crankbaits.

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Huge Striped Bass

huge striped bassEloy Otero from Atlantic City caught this 57.2-pound striped bass out of Absecon Inlet back by Harrah’s Atlantic City. The fish took the first place prize at the Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament, which was $3,000. But it wasn’t no easy chore, Eloy Otero took the whole day, starting at 2:30 pm and hooking this huge striped bass at 7:30pm. Some days it takes awhile before you hook into a monster like this.