berkley flicker shad best crankbaitHonestly one of the best crankbaits in my box.... My Scottish friend turned me onto the Berkle Flicker Shad a few years back, I had no clue how deadly this lure is. It has a unique tight wobble to it, lound rattle, as well as killer color designs, they are absolutely out of this world.... I have found out first hand how valuable it is when I tie a Berkley Flicker Shad on one side, and a Rapala, Rebel, Bomber, Norman, or Strike King on another when out trolling. The Berkley Flicker Shad outdoes them every time for me.... Now this is for Lake St. Clair, so depending on the lake, you might not have the same results...

And that's not saying those other companies won't catch fish, they have landed a lot bigger fish for me. A Big Bomber have always been my goto for big bass, mukie, and pike. But if you're looking for consistency, the Flicker Shad is where it's at! You can have a fun time with this lure!

powerbait lipless crankbaitThe funny thing is, Berkley is known more for their soft plastic baits rather than hardbaits. In fact, I think this is still there only crankbait they have ever made... However, remember the Berkley Rattle Trap with the soft tails back in the day, that was one of the best hardbaits in my box back then. Other than the fact, lol. the bass would eat the tail every so often... Question that comes to my mind, why'd they stop making it?

All I can say is, get some of these, if you haven't done so yet.... I prefer 7cm in Purple Tiger or Rainbow Trout. I bought a few 9cm Flicker Shads as well, they seem to work good too, but then again the bigger the bait and lip, they may hang you up on weeds and snags. 7cm is perfect for 5-10 feet of water...

And another thing, using a snap swivel can make this lure run wrong, wobble to the side, if that happens, tie directly to o-ring. Sometimes you have to tie the knot directly to the space where o-ring opens up, if you know what I mean... I think with the narrow lip, the crankbait is more prone to malfunctioning, other than that pure this crankbait is pure sex for smallmouth bass...

huge musky photos

Another huge musky caught by fisherman Nicholas Colangelo, this one not being as big as his 53" monster muskie, but it's still pretty big. These are just some of the monster muskie being caught in northwestern Pennsylvania. They sure keep getting bigger, maybe one day the state record will be broken.

monster muskie ice fishing pennsylvaniaGood thing Nicholas Colangelo had used a 10" auger instead of something smaller, him and his best friend Luke Wholey would've never pulled this monster 53" muskie out of the ice. The fish is absolutely humongous! Colangelo and Wholey said they slept in an ice shanty overnight and fished for 18 hours until the musky took the bait, a 3 inch shiner. The official weight of the muskie wasn't disclosed nor the location, it was estimated that the musky weighed over 40 pounds plus and the location somewhere in the Northwestern area of Pennsylvania.

musky ice fishing pennsylvaniaIt took the fisherman a total of 30 minutes to reel in this beast, wasn't until the 10 minute mark that they finally got sight of the fish. The fish would take off on 60ft runs each time i got it near the hole, which is very typical for monster muskie, they are very good fighters! After landing the fish, the ice fishermen snapped a few photos of the big musky, then released her back into the wild. This must of be an awesome lake to fish, because just a week ago the fishermen caught a 40 inch musky, along with a 8 pound walleye. No one knows where this secret lake is, but Nicholas Colangelo and Luke Wholey said they're out to break the state record, which weighs 54-pounds and dates back to 1924 from Conneaut Lake.

huge musky pennsylvaniamusky ice fishing picturesmusky photos ice fishingmusky ice fishing mouth teeth

tennessee record largemouth bassGabe Keen holds up his incredibly huge largemouth bass from Chickamauga Lake, the fish was caught on February 13th when he was practicing for a bass fishing tournament for Saturday. Keen was fishing in the lower portion of the lake near Chester Frost Park, when right around noon, he felt a big hit on his umbrella rig made by Custom Rods of LaFallotte. When the fish hit, Gabe Keen knew he had something special on, he had no idea the fish would become the new state record for largemouth bass. After landing it and getting in on a scale, the whopping pig weighed an incredible 15 pounds, 3 ounces!

Keen said he was in disbelief, at the time he didn't know the record, but he knew those figures were close. After calling the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Keen was advised the fish had to be weighed on a certified scale. On Saturday he met up with TWRA Region III Fisheries Biologist Mike Jolley and several members of the Region III reservoir crew where they evaluated the fish, soon after the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency confirmed as the new largemouth bass record for Tennessee.

huge pike chew valley reservoirChew Valley reservoir does it again with a 42 pound 8 ounce northern pike from England. This is Brian Ingram's second pike over the 40 pound barrier, his first monster was caught at the famous Llandegfedd reservoir, which weighed at an incredible 43 pounds 2 ounces. There must be something to Ingram's method, he said it entails staying in one particular spot for the morning and if nothing really happens, move every hour in the afternoon. The 42 pound monster pike was caught during the opening week of the February pike trials held at the prolific Somerset venue. Other 30 pound pike were caught from the venue during the five day trial, including a 39 pounder, two 38 pound pike, a 37 pound pike and four over 36 pounds. If I ever take a vacation to Somerset England, well this is one body of water I'll have to fish.

huge pike chew valley england

big northern pike lexingtonThis fish was the big winner at the Lexington Ice Fishing Contest last weekend. The fish weighed 12 pound 4 ounces and measured 36 inches long. The fish was worth $150 to John Williams and Ralph Kinsley, the two anglers who won the event. According to the press, over 24 anglers participated in the fishing tournament. Team of Josh Quain and Vito Palazzolo, both from Emmett, received $40 for catching the longest perch. All proceeds from the fishing contest are used to purchase fish to stock in the Black River near Croswell's Swinging Bridge. Kind of a good idea huh? More fishing contest should be held this way!

delaware record largemouth bassPry your eyes on this beautiful big bass, definitely a Florida strain if you check out the unique pattern. James D. Hitchens out of Georgetown landed this 10 pound 10 ounce largemouth bass, the fish measured 26 inches long with a 18 3/4 inches inch girth. After measuring the monster at Taylored Tackle Shop in Seaford, DNREC Fisheries biologists were called into verify the weight and size. Afterwards the largemouth bass was declared the new state record for Delaware. When Hitchens set out to fish his favorite Sussex County fishing hole today, he said he didn't have a clue he'd catch the new state record! The good thing about this record catch is, Hitchens didn't kill the bass, right after the biologists had recorded her, she went straight back into the pond where she came from.

musky fly fishingJust a heads up fellow fishermen, Nittany Valley Musky Alliance Muskies Inc. Chapter 64 is hosting a musky fly fishing tournament on the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania. This will be a two day extravaganza, in bounds waters will be the boat launch below the Kinzua dam down to the boat ramp in the village of President, as well as Tionesta Lake. So if you love to fly fish and you're in the area, this might be a great fishing tournament to attend. It starts April 10th and goes on to April 11th.

big pike bighorn riverYou don't always have to use a big fishing lure to catch big fish, fly fisherman Mike DuFresne is much proof to that. The angler holds up an incredibly big northern pike caught from Montana's Big Horn River. The fish is incredible, DuFresne being the fly fisherman that he is, caught it on a beautiful fly he made at home. If you've ever caught a big pike before, you know how well they fight, well try catching one on a fly equipment! This gorgeous fish gave Mike DuFresne quite a fight on the Big Horn River.

record blue catfish lake wylieJeff Manning of Gastonia caught this beautiful blue catfish from Lake Wylie this past January. The story is kinda funny because Manning was on a short midday stroll after doing some repair work to his boat. Feeling like everythings in tip top shape, Manning decided to drop a few lines in. That's when Manning felt the beast hit, after a 10 minute fight and practically letting all the line out on his reel, he decided to pull up his anchor and follow the fish. When the fish finally surfaced, Manning found something bigger than what he expected. After reality set in, Manning realize this was the biggest fish he had ever caught.

After posting the photo of the 82 pound blue catfish, Marty Green of Catawba Catfish Club, knew that this was the biggest fish that's been caught on Lake Wylie. The monster catfish was just 7 pounds shy of the North Carolina record. Now that anglers realize how big blue catfish can get in Lake Wylie, many figure that there could be a new state record lurking in the deep. Dieter Melhorn, president of Carolina Catfish Club, said he "expects a new state record within two years."